LifeTown Virtual Learning

Virtual LifeTown

Welcome to virtual LifeTown! Explore the village. Have fun! Like your usual visits to LifeTown, you will receive $12.00. Make sure you fill out your withdrawal slip before you get started. Once you have completed your slip- the bank should be your first stop. After that, you are free to explore!

Financial Literacy Lesson

This lesson will help students focus on the receipts they receive for all of their purchases. Virtually, they will write down the items they wish to purchase and figure out if it stays within their $12 budget. Feel free to mix and match!

Time Management Lesson

The “On Time” lesson focuses on communication, time awareness, and time management. Virtually, the students will gain knowledge in practice reading analog and digital clocks throughout the shops in the village.

Job Curriculum

Job Exploration Lesson

The job exploration lesson helps students to identify their interests in the workforce. Virtually, the students will listen to the description of each job venue within LifeTown and match it with the correct job.

Venue Question Lesson

Once the students have a basic understanding of each job offered from the Job Exploration lesson, they will dive deeper into the duties of the jobs best suited for them by interviewing the volunteers working the venues. Virtually, students will follow along with their worksheet as I answer all questions, filling in their top 3 favorite venues to prepare for the next phase, interviews.