Satisfying the Ohio Department of Education’s requirements for transition planning can be extremely challenging – for teachers and for school districts. LifeTown is a unique, valuable resource for Special Educators that can make that daunting process a whole lot easier.

Developed by special education professionals and designed specifically to encourage and advance the building of transition skills, LifeTown is a 5,000 sq. ft. functioning city. Unlike the real world, there is no hurry and skills can be practiced over and over again. It is a safe, nurturing environment where students learn while having tons of fun!

Teachers select EACH student’s LifeTown lesson based on the needs being addressed in the student’s IEP, choosing from a cohesive, evidence-based model for life skills development designed to improve competencies in the three REQUIRED areas of transition skills:

  • Personal & Social
  • Independent Living
  • Pre-Employment

LifeTown is NOT simply a “field trip” – it’s where students apply the lesson plans they’ve worked on in advance in the classroom… and where they develop life skills they’ll be able to transfer to their natural community environments.</>

K-12 students participate in a structured, comprehensive, stair-stepped approach… where each visit – and each year – build upon the previous ones. Students typically visit 4 to 6 times per year, with students in the Mentor Program visiting 8 times per year.

It’s never too early to learn life skills!

Beginning in kindergarten, students practice pedestrian safety using real traffic lights and interacting with volunteer police officers. They can make their first bank withdrawal and purchases with real money in one of our nine venues including a movie theater,market and salon.

As students master those concepts, they will graduate to more complex lessons such as learning to socialize with and care for others, managing one’s own doctor’s visits, or making and keeping appointments.

For students in middle and high school, they will contemplate community employment and how to successfully apply and interview for positions.