A Typical Day at LifeTown

Classroom Prep

Teachers work with the School Coordinator to select EACH student’s LifeTown lesson based on the needs being addressed in the student’s IEP, choosing from a cohesive, evidence-based model for life skills development designed to improve competencies in the three REQUIRED areas of transition skills Personal & Social, Independent Living and Pre-Employment. Variations on lessons are available for students repeating lessons, different reading levels and non-readers.

Click here for a summary of the lesson plans offered. 

The School Coordinator will send the pre-work for each lesson selected in advance of your visit. These pre-work lessons prepare students for their visit to LifeTown. For example, a student visiting LifeTown for the first time will prepare in the classroom by reviewing the LifeTown map and each of the places they will visit. They will also review the safety rules for the village such as watching the cross walk signs and following the traffic lights when renting a bike. Students will be given 12 real dollars and may work on counting money prior to their visit.

Your LifeTown Visit

Each LifeTown visit consists of a two-hour experience from 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m during the school day.

The students are then free to explore LifeTown, following the directions on their worksheets. We encourage the students to explore freely and use their independence to make decisions, follow directions and practice the different life skills that are highlighted in each of the lessons. LifeTown is an opportunity for the students to learn, grow, gain confidence, make choices, and sometimes mistakes, in a safe and supportive environment.

At the end of their visit, the students meet their class back in the social hall. They will return their LifeTown materials (bags, clipboards, pencil and wallet) and are provided with disposable bags to bring their projects and purchased items home.

It’s tying in all of the academics, and then providing them some real-world experiences.

Carmen Pinter

Intervention Specialist , Northland High School, Columbus City Schools